Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant


| 2014

Set up and animation of a creativity intensive workshop at UIBE in Beijing

The objective of the workshop was for students to create and materialize new Chinese brands among different sectors: food, apparel, home furniture and cosmetics.

Students were guided along the design process to translate business strategy into design solutions and intentions into experiential proposals in an user centric approach of branding.

Fundamentally practical and interactive, the workshop has been a give and take of points of view between students, students and teacher, business and design, Europe and China.

Curiosity, empathy, interdisciplinarity, collaborative work and visual thinking skills were developed and applied to each project.

Assistant: 张泊人
Participants: 郑丹、覃馨、孙隽雯、成梦阳、许娟娟、杨晓迪、钟凯欣、龚甜雨、刘蕾、张程忡、厉臣璐、胡翀、李雅坤、邓楚楚、尹航、魏馨、许雅韵、王潇梵、王臻艺、吴佳卉、尉迟熤、郝翰墨、廖力嘉、徐禾莉、陈艾虹、王依晴、曹益瑄