Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant

Dress & Tell 

| April 2016

Comas Design & Innovation School in Israel invited five teachers/ designers/ architects from around the world to a four-days workshop about dressing up a space.

In four days, 5 teams ideated a booth, defined its use and users, built it and dressed it up accordingly.

Students: Tomer Roznmo, Tslil Harari, Mor Hanai, Yael Asylin, Isabella Shnider, Raya Juber, Sharon Nahamya, Mehal Ovadiya, Nitcan Abytbyl, Syzana Partlan, Topaz Fishelzon, Mor Alias, Aviv Bahtnshen, Elinor Koziel, Hila Nicim, Hagit Pinto, Hen Cohen.