Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant

Dzigning the Timeline 

| 2015-2016

Dzigning the Timeline is an Israeli-Luxembourgish initiative gathering Servior’s Luxembourg based elderly care facilities and Comas Design School from Rishon LeTzion, Israel.

The Empathy Workshop has been held during three days in Servior’s Rumelange and Rahm centers. It gave the Israeli students the opportunity to meet with caregivers, designers and experts in Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and psychological trauma.
Each day focused on one aspect of memory and its relationship with the senses, the present, and identity. Alongside with design tips and tools, the schedule included activities such as empathetic expert talks, experimentation of impairment situations, observation of needs and interactions through interviews, as well as creativity transformational exercises.


The outcomes of the project have been exhibited in LUCA (Luxembourg Center for Atchitecture) as part of the 2016 Design Biennale.


➤ Creative brief, pedagogical coordination, direction + animation of Empathy Workshop, exhibition curation;

Students: Tamar Lev & Nogga Segev,Daniella Levin & Shira Navon, Shir Hen, Gaia Kadmon, & Aviran Sharabi, Ofri Raif, Esti Zur ⎜Inclusive design instructor: Arch. Tali Cohen Anderson ⎜ Graphic designer: Lucie Cahu Exhibition designer: David Richiuso ⎜Photographer: Christof Weber