Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant

Castle of the Dukes of Brittany 

| 2015

The workshop was held inside the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany with students of l'Ecole de Design de Nantes Atlantique in close collaboration with the castle and museum curators.

The XVth century old fortified castle of the Dukes of Brittany is one of Nantes most emblematic heritage monument. It hosts the city museum of history and a temporary exhibitions gallery. The entrance to the gardens, the courtyard and the ramparts is free, however the visitor needs to purchase a ticket to visit the museum collection and the gallery thematic exhibitions. 1,3M people enter the court every year, while only 300 000 enter the museum or the gallery.
Among the many questions students tackled:
How to facilitate circulations and orientations towards and within the castle perimeter?
How to generate a more pleasant journey for the visitors, no matter their age, conditions, nationality and time spent on site?
How to make more people willing to enter the museum of history of the city?

Students: Héloïse Ayme, Julie Barre, Agathe Benoit, Marie-Anaïs Bluteau,Pauline Brechet, Hilal Coskun, Laura Euro, Raphaël Goute, WanLu Li, Warren Marshall, Adélie Pairel, Emmanuelle Pajot, Emma Piau.