Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant

Mural Art 

| 2000-2002

Cross-departmental course at BAU Escola de Disseny, Barcelona.

Mural art, an art of context, is the very first page in the history of painting.
Inseparable from architecture, it inspires itself from and reacts to every given space and characteristics of its media.
From Parietal art to tags, messages to the dead on the walls of Ancient Egypt, activist frescoes of Mexican muralists or Felice Varini’s anamorphosis, Mural Art offers a large set of examples, each and every one being characterized by a great variety of intentions and techniques.

Image : "Tout pour l'Angle Rouge" de Felice Varini, Galerie Xippas, Athènes