Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant Anne Bugugnani | Design Consultant

The future of the cybercafé 

| 2013

Retail project in the Retail, Branding & Packaging department of Strate Ecole de Design ı Paris

In collaboration with Snacking France magazine.


In this studio course, students analyzed thoroughly the specific moments and optimal conditions for Internet connexion and redefined its related services or activities.


A critical study of the historical, sociological and competitive contexts as well as the business viability of the retail projects were integrated into the design proposals.

Students: Jean Charles Meunier, Eric Krowa, Simon Lorand, Quitterie Normand, Philippe Sinanian, Christelle de Verchère, Flore Patarot, Clémence Lictevout, Paul Lemontey, Eve Herry, Marc de Wambrechies